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Today’s savvy homeowners are converting their decks and docks to extended outdoor living spaces. Hughes Painting can help you create a unique environment that is safe to enjoy. Continued maintenance by the homeowner will be required to assure that the surfaces do not begin to crack or splinter.

Both semitransparent and solid stains are available. Semitransparent stains allow the natural grain of the wood to be revealed. We recommend oil stains for this application for improved appearance and durability beyond latex options. Life expectancy for a semitransparent stain is two to three years, dependent upon the amount of moisture and sunlight exposure, and they can also be more difficult to maintain. A solid stain is very similar to paint, available in a wide array of colors. It differs from paint in that it is engineered to be self-priming. The solid stain is much easier for the homeowner to maintain and it doesn’t have to be removed to add a fresh coat.

With technological advances, these types of coating products are constantly evolving. Hughes is dedicated to determining the best products currently available for each application. Please give Hughes Painting a call to discuss your deck and dock needs.