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Whether you are moving your business into a new commercial building or you are preparing to renovate your current space, painting the interior and exterior is understandably a primary component of your plans. The color scheme as well as the quality of paint and its application reflect on your business. This is a critical task that you cannot entrust to any painting company. At Hughes Painting, we are a reputable commercial painting contractor that has been serving satisfied customers in Chesapeake, VA for more than 45 years. Regardless of the scope of your project, we are the team that you can trust to exceed your lofty expectations.

Improve and Protect Your Commercial Property

Commercial painters in Chesapeake

Your commercial building is a true investment, and regular property maintenance and upgrades may protect and even bolster its value. Regardless of whether you own or lease your commercial space, your customers and clients will form an opinion about the success of your company by how well the building is maintained. While paint color and the techniques with which it is applied impact aesthetics, paint is a protective covering that prevents underlying materials from being damaged by exposure to the elements. Periodic commercial painting services are essential for a make-ready project as well as for ongoing property maintenance.

Our team understands the importance of quality workmanship. Rest assured that we strive for perfection in all that we do. More than that, we stand behind our work with a solid guarantee to ensure that our efforts add true value to your commercial property.

For All of Your Commercial Painting Needs

We are not the only commercial painting contractor in the Chesapeake area to claim that we can tackle any project regardless of the size. However, we are your preferred contractor with proven experience to back up this claim. Our previous clients have trusted us to paint a wide range of commercial property types, and these have ranged from office buildings and warehouses to churches and even a professional football stadium. With our profound experience that spans across decades and with our ability to work in even the most challenging environments for indoor and outdoor projects, we are the company that can meet your commercial painting needs and produce stunning results.

Commercial environments can be harsh in various ways, and you understandably need your paint job to last. For all commercial and industrial painting projects, we utilize superior-grade paint products designed specifically for these environments. We also can add a specialty coating to ensure long-lasting results. Because our highly-experienced and detail-oriented painting team is equipped with the latest equipment, we can work efficiently while still completing quality work. We also have experience with the latest techniques and are knowledgeable in the application of numerous finishes to a wide range of substrates and materials.

Quality Commercial Painting Services

Because everything from property value to your business’ reputation with customers and clients is impacted by commercial painting services, hiring an experienced contractor that you can count on is essential. We have worked hard over the years to earn the trust of our customers and to establish a reputation for overall excellence. Our carefully-selected team members have a solid work ethic as well as a deep understanding of paint’s properties and characteristics. A smooth, even application and crisp lines are only a few of the standards that we maintain.

As important as it is for the painting project to be completed flawlessly, you also need the painting crew to complete the project as soon as possible. We understand that a work crew on the premises can be disruptive to operations in any business environment. Because of our team’s profound experience and skills and because they have access to all necessary tools and equipment, we are able to complete projects promptly while still maintaining stringent standards for high-quality work. Your satisfaction with our work and our service is guaranteed.

The Commercial Painting Contractor You Can Trust

Selecting a commercial painting contractor to work on your property is a serious matter that impacts your real estate investment and your business. We are a licensed and insured contractor that refuses to let you down. Our entire team of hardworking painters focuses on professionalism at all times. While we maintain high standards for workmanship, we strive to maintain a low profile in your business while treating the property with respect.

When you choose our commercial painters, rest assured that we instill true value in our services. With competitive rates and quality results, we are a cost-effective option. More than that, we provide a realistic timeframe up front so that you can plan accordingly. Our focus is on getting the work done to your satisfaction and within the timeframe we provide. Throughout all stages of the project, we remain communicative and responsive so that you stay up to date with our efforts. Our painting team wants to impress you with the experience that we provide as well as with the work that we complete, and we strive to earn your future business.

Contact Us Today for a Quote

At Hughes Painting, Inc. we have the experience and skills necessary to tackle any project regardless of its size or complexity. We also have a lengthy list of satisfied customers to provide you with confidence in our abilities. For any painting project in Chesapeake, VA we are ready to get to work. Contact us today for information about our services and to receive a competitive quote for your project.

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