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Cabinets add plenty of character to your kitchen or bathroom, but their looks do not always stand up well to the test of time. Every few years, home decor styles change, and you may be struggling to keep up with new colors and textures. Plus, choosing to reface or replace your cabinets altogether can be incredibly expensive with kitchen cabinet replacement typically ringing in at $6,000 to $10,000. This massive cost may keep you from deciding to a complete change and instead choosing to live with the dreary look of your old cabinets.

However, Hughes Painting offers you a different option that comes in at only a fraction of the usual cost of replacing all your old cabinets. Our cabinet painting or refinishing options can provide you a whole new look while permitting you to keep your current cabinets. This speedy process can get you the style that you want for your home and can eliminate much of the stress and irritation of the typical home remodeling experience.

At Hughes, we have worked on all types of homes throughout Chesapeake. Thus, we are the perfect alternative for your next cabinet refinishing project. We encourage you to learn more about how cabinet refinishing can benefit you, how it can improve your home’s value and why Hughes is your best choice in Chesapeake, VA.

Benefits of Professional Cabinet Painting and Refinishing:

Naturally, cabinet painting might be one of those tasks that you think you can complete on your own

However, dealing with wooden cabinets, stripping paint and reapplying the perfect finish are not tasks for the fainthearted. They require a great deal of knowledge about today’s paints, a lot of patience and a great attention to detail. In addition, on your own, these tasks can take an extremely long time and can become quite frustrating. Here are a just a few reasons why we recommend professional repainting or refinishing of your cabinets.

Get That New Look

Cabinets are one of the most noticeable parts of your kitchen or bathroom. Because they take up so much space, they must be visually pleasing and must match your style and decor. A brand new coat of paint can give the room a whole new look while also improving the durability of the cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Painters After

Affordable Cabinet Painting

As previously mentioned, replacing your cabinets altogether costs thousands of dollars, but repainting or refinishing them is only a fraction of the cost!

Fast and Convenient

It can take up to a month to get new cabinets measured, ordered, cut, delivered and installed. But, refinishing or repainting generally takes only a week depending on the size of the project. This lets you return to your typical daily life as quickly as possible.

An Investment in Your Home

Obviously, repainting or refinishing your cabinets is a great investment in your home. Not only can it provide you with plenty of satisfaction and visual appeal while you live there, but also it can deliver a great return on your investment if you are planning to move soon. Unlike a complete kitchen cabinet remodel, which can cost thousands of dollars that cannot be completely recouped, refinishing your cabinets can increase the worth of your home by up to seven percent by some estimates.

The Hughes Difference

Although we have worked in dozens of homes throughout Chesapeake, we know that you only have one home and that the look and style of your home is extremely important to you. That is why we look at every job as being our only job, centering on what is most important to you while ensuring that we treat your home as if it were our own. Whether we are working on a small cabinet refinishing project in your bathroom or a full-home cabinet project in a multi-million-dollar home, we put our all into our work.

At Hughes Painting, we focus on your schedule and your complete satisfaction. You absolutely do not want your home to be a construction project for weeks on end, so our fast completion times are sure to please you. Our company is proud to be one of the top painting contractors in Virginia, and we are excited to continue providing premier quality on which you can always count.

Choose Hughes Paint in Chesapeake, VA

If you are ready to bring the wow factor to your home, Hughes is your obvious choice in Chesapeake. We have always been known for our high safety standards and believe in great reliability for creating positive relationships with our clients. We are also a licensed and insured business, giving you even more reason to choose us with great confidence.

In addition to our outstanding customer service, we also provide the highest quality of workmanship when it comes to interior cabinet painting. Our in-depth knowledge of the properties and characteristics of paint as well as the newest painting and refinishing techniques puts us ahead of the many other painting companies throughout the area.

Get Started Today

If your kitchen or bathroom is looking a bit out of date, there is no time to waste! Get started today by requesting a free estimate from Hughes. With customer satisfaction always guaranteed, you can be confident in choosing us for your next interior painting project in Chesapeake. Call our office today to learn more about our many services or to schedule a consultation at your home.

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