Home Painting in Virginia Beach, VA

Hughes Painting Inc. brings a whole new level of expertise and excellence to your exterior or interior painting that revitalizes and rejuvenates homes. With over 45 years of dedicated service to the Virginia Beach, VA community, and our skillful home painting experts provide you with exceptional service and quality. Our detailed preparation, professional application and follow through set us apart from our competition. That’s why we guarantee a truly exceptional job for every residential and commercial client.

Renovating Residences with Professional Home Painting Services

A fresh coat of paint on the interior and exterior of your home can beautify it immediately. Striking colors and textures can revitalize your home for years to come. Your family and friends will enjoy the splendor and refinement that our expertise brings to every job. Additionally, home painting increases the value and enhances curb appeal.

Painting the Interior of Your Virginia Beach Home

Virginia Beach VA Interior Painters

Hughes Painting Inc. works with you to create a harmonized color selection that will create continuity throughout your home. Our professional home painting services guarantee you of a top-notch job that turns your dreams into reality. Our professional interior painting procedure starts your project with a complimentary walk-through to evaluate your requirements and finishes with your free estimate.

  • Protecting Your Home

We will move your furniture to the middle of the room and cover it with plastic to protect it from splatter.

  • Home Painting Set Up

Our work area drop cloths protect your floors. We make sure our tools and equipment are kept in a confined space to keep them out of your way.

  • Preparing Your Walls for Paint

Our professional home painting teams fill any holes, seams or cracks, sand the filler applied and vacuum up any dust before we start to paint. We will also apply a primer to surfaces that require it.

  • It’s Time to Paint

Our time-tested and expert process allow us to apply the first coat, sand any area that needs it, patch any low spots and then apply the final coat.

  • Clean Up

When we leave your home, you will find it in pristine condition with vacuumed floors and replacing the furniture where you want it.

Exterior Home Painting

Virginia Beach Residential Painting Contractors

Exposure to the elements in Virginia Beach, VA requires a higher level of professional exterior painting. We’ll provide a free project evaluation and estimate for our services with your choice of quality paint. Our exterior painting process includes:

  • Pressure washing
  • Downspout and/or shutter removal
  • Loose paint removal
  • Hole caulking
  • Primer application on bare wood
  • Masking to protect objects not being painted
  • Plant protection with drop cloths
  • Painting

We Warranty Our Home Painting Work

At the end of each project, we will do a walk-through with you to ensure that you are 100 percent satisfied. We will also provide a written warranty for products and workmanship.

Get Your Home Painted Today

Home Painting services can improve the value of your property, so it is important to work with seasoned professionals from Hughes Painting, Inc. We offer the highest quality of work, and we can put the contract into writing for your review. Every aspect of our company is designed to ensure that the customer is completely satisfied with the outcome. We have been serving clients in the Virginia Beach, VA area for more than four decades, and we understand how to comply with all the local laws and regulations that govern this industry. Consider the additional value that comes from working with a company that already understands the local laws as well as your individual needs. We have a team of service professionals ready to answer any questions. For additional details, contact our customer service team today at 757-317-3735.

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