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Epoxy garage floors have become an extremely popular home improvement in the last five years. There are many new epoxy products that are available now. At Hughes Painting we only use the most proven products. We use true epoxy that has a high solids content. The amount of solids is what determines the strength of the product. The products that many big box stores carry are water based and have a failure rate of 80 percent. Hughes Painting will NEVER use those types of products on your home or business.

While there are also many different methods of applying epoxy, Hughes Painting only endorses the preparation by diamond grinding, which gives the floor a stronger, smoother finish. This process ensures that the surface will be ready to bond with the epoxy. Please contact Hughes Painting to explore your epoxy options.

Benefits To An Epoxy Floor
Easy to clean.
Refreshes the appearance of the garage.
It will resist hot tire marks, chemical and solvents.
We can custom match any color and flakes.