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Exterior House Painting for Virginia Beach, VA

Making the decision to paint the exterior of your Virginia Beach, VA home is a big step. Hughes Painting, Inc. has the experience and expertise to help create the perfect environment for you and your family. Our staff will present you with a seemingly endless array of exterior paint color options, and then we will communicate with you until the project is completed to your satisfaction. Hughes Painting, Inc. will professionally handle each and every step of the painting process. When it comes to
exterior painting in the Virginia Beach, VA area, there is no better option.

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By keeping your goals and needs in mind throughout the process, we will deliver brilliant results on which you can depend. Our exterior painting process ensures you will get the quality for which you have been looking.

Discover the Benefits of Exterior Painting

Learning about the benefits with which Hughes Painting Inc. can provide you and your home lets you move forward without fear. You will know what to expect and make the right choice with no worry. By allowing us to paint the exterior of your home, you will improve its curb appeal to a completely new level before you know it, and everyone will instantly spot the difference.

Enlisting our exterior house painting service is smart when you are ready to sell your home. In doing so will your house will increase in value. Since your home will look better than it did before, people will be willing to pay a considerably higher price for it.

Why You Should Choose Our Exterior House Painting Team



A dedicated painting team, dependable results and fair pricing are just some of the things to which you will have access to when you hire Hughes Painting Inc. to paint the outside of your home. We care about our clients and go out of our way to meet their needs at every turn.

Since the exterior painting team, you hire plays a role in your home's value, you can't go wrong when you trust Hughes Painting Inc. to do the job right the first time. If you are searching for painting contractors worthy of their reputation, your search is over. We will get to know you and your goals before we even start. This way we can give you the outcome for which you have been hoping for.

Our Exterior Painting Service Includes

Respect of Your Property & Your Schedule

Hughes Painting, Inc. will make every effort to avoid upsetting your routine. We’ll schedule around your nap time, meal time or dancing lessons if necessary. We also go to great lengths to protect your property from damage during our exterior painting process.

Complete Exterior Preparation

Hughes Painting, Inc. will complete every important preparation task on the exterior of your house, regardless of the surface.

Exterior Home Repairs

If there are issues that essential to be repaired prior to painting the exterior, Hughes Painting, Inc. is ready to handle most common repairs.


Whether you are concerned about ornate railings or window frames, they will all be protected from damage by preparation and care during the painting process.

An Exterior Painting Project Well Done

When it comes to painting the exterior of your home, Hughes Painting, Inc. provides complete satisfaction for our customers. This significant goal has kept us in business for over forty years.

Getting Started on the Exterior of Your Home

With plenty of impressive benefits right around the corner, you can't waste another second when it comes to using our exterior house painting services. Our professional painting team is ready for action and will do what it takes to give your home the look you had in mind. We will promptly send one of our exterior painting experts to your home to begin the project. You will be thrilled by what we can achieve.

Once your home has a fresh, vibrant appeal, you’ll know you have chosen a path that is spot-on with your vision. Whether you want to increase the value of your home or to enhance its appearance to a whole other level, let Hughes Painting Inc. in Virginia Beach give you a hand.

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