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Paint is a great way to transform any space. Painting adds detail, brings spaces to life and shows off the owner's personality. If you are thinking about having your home in Chesapeake, VA painted, you might not have the time. Painting can be hard, and it's important to get it right. This is where Hughes Painting comes in. We're home painting experts. We're a family-run business with decades of expertise, modern equipment and the licensed, bonded and vetted employees you need to get the job done right from the very beginning. Trust us to handle all house painting needs.

Decades of Painting Experience in Chesapeake

When it comes to painting a home, experience matters. Experienced professionals know how to work with paint. They know how to take any surface and make it look good. They also understand how to overcome any potential problems. When our painters come to your house, they bring our four plus decades of house painting experience along with them.

All Types of Internal and External Painting

Many homeowners want a specific kind of painting done. This is where we come in. We can help homeowners realize their vision and make it come true. We do both exterior and interior painting jobs. We'll make every room in your home look fantastic. The same is true of all our exterior painting. We know how to transform any home, so it oozes curb appeal and looks great from every single corner. We know what it takes to make a house feel like the home you want. Let us show you how every single part of your home can look wonderful with the right painting.

Family Run Home Painting Business

Family is important to us. At our company, we're a family owned and run business venture. This means that all our staffers are committed to providing our clients with the excellence they need. Our family is your family. We live in the Virginia Beach area and love it just as much as our clients. Our family business is about making everyone in the area happy with the painting job we provide for them. There's no far away corporation to work with. It's just us and our determination to care for all our client's needs.

Licensed and Insured Painting Company

Our company offers licensed and insured workers. This takes the worry out of liability issues. In the event that something happens by accident, we're covered for it. As licensed painters, we're meeting all necessary standards for painters in the state. Every single thing we do is done in according to all state painting standards. This means that you get a professional job from our company every single time. It means that we know what it takes to make sure that your painting is done to your taste as well as being done while obeying all safety regulations.

Great Customer Service

At our company, customer service is, and always will be, the fundamental job required. Every single client who visits us has our full and complete attention. We know how to listen to our clients. We'll show you possibilities you've never thought about before that can take your house and make a beautiful showplace. Our devoted customer service providers know just what to do the second you contact us. We'll be there from the first to hear what you want done anywhere in your home. Then, we'll come to your home, follow your instructions and bring that plan to life.

Modern Home Painting Equipment

Over time, painting has changed. New equipment makes it possible to get the job done faster and more efficiently than ever before. It also makes it possible to get the job done according to a client's exact specifications. Our use of modern equipment means that we'll be there on time to make sure the painting is done as fast as possible even for those on tight deadlines. We bring what you need to your home. We'll create a clean, modern look that makes you happy. Contact us before you move in for a home painted to your exact needs. Speak with us if you want a clean look for buyers before you put that home on the market.

Understanding of Painting Techniques

Different types of painting techniques produce different results. At our company, we fully understand all the properties of paint. We know exactly which paint to use in any given area to get the ideal results. This is because we've been working with paint for decades. In the process, we've learned exactly how to handle so our clients get the results they want every single time. We've also learned how to make sure that our results hold up over time even when exposed to the elements for many years. Our quality work begins from day one and lasts.

Vetted Painters

When people contact us, they're getting vetted painters who know how to produce the results people want. We carefully screen each applicant to make sure they are fully committed to meeting the goals of our company and seeing them to fruition. Once employed, we train our painters before they enter your space. Our trained painters have precisely what it takes to do the work you need and do it according to our high company standards.

Free Home Painting Estimates

Determining how much it might cost to paint spaces in the home can be tough. Many factors go into that decision. This is why we offer free estimates. Our trained experts will come to your home, speak with you about the services you want and then help you decide how to bring those ideas to life. A free estimate lets you proceed with confidence, knowing that you have the information you want in order to make the right decision about your desired house painting job. Contact us today and let us help you get great Chesapeake home painting.

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